Founder Cemal A.Dirin

A. Cemal DİRİN was born in Narlıdere, Izmir in 1924. He started his first steps in the job by learning turnery. He opened his first workshop in 1952 and adapted quality as a principle since then. 1952 was the founding year of Dirinler for making the repairs and maintenance of presses used in the country. Cemal Dirin started to make the repairs of spare parts of automotives and trucks together with the press repairs and maintenance. He was famous with the name of “housing maker”. Dirin started to climb in his occupation and production when he started eccentric press production in 1967.

He founded his first factory in an area of 750 m2 in Çamdibi in 1970. He varied the types of the presses, the production of which were started as 20 tons and started to produce various presses up to 150 tons of capacity. He founded his own foundry in 1974 and targeted to reach the highest level in production speed and quality.

Dirin moved his factory in an area of 10.000 m2 in A.O.S.B in 1990 and widened his place in the region to 60.000 m2 with the excitement for making continuous investment. He continued his success and works by making hydraulic presses, CNC machinery, drilling lathes, piston and air compressors and manufacturing of single piece pig iron and nodular cast iron with a capacity of 15 tons.

The sons of Dirin took up the presidency of the Dirinler Companies Group after Cemal Dirin deceased in 2001.
By means of the seven companies in total create employment for about 450 families; provide benefit to the country by the contribution to the country’s industry and foreign sales she made to 38 countries by means of the entrust of Cemal Dirin on an area of 60.000 m2.

Dirin who had services which cannot be ignored in developing IAOSB was the president of the region between 1995 and 1997. He helped many industrialists during his presidency and planted more than 10.000 trees for foresting the region. He also had an important share when the Ataer Electricity Station was founded.

The name of “Cemal Dirin” continues to be existed in various organizations he had great effords after he has departed. “Cemal Dirin” became the name of the emergency door of the policlinic in Izmir Ataturk Organized Industrial Region (IAOSB) in 2002. “A. Cemal Dirin Emergency Health unit” serves to the employees in IAOSB for 10 years.

One of the football tournaments organized by Industrialists and Businessmen Society of Izmir Ataturk Organized Industrial Region (ASAD) was organized in the name of Cemal Dirin. The tournament organized in 2009 was the “ASAD Cemal Dirin Football Tournament”.

The name of Cemal Dirin who was the deputy president and member of the board of directors of Aegean Region Chamber of Industry (EBSO) lives in a library opened in the 3rd floors of EBSO. Dirin, name of who is given to the library opened in the 5th anniversary of his death won’t be forgotten for the value he gave to culture and arts.